Simple things

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I don’t know what season of life you’re in but I find myself in the season of life called chase, wipe and play (aka: raising a toddler.)  The chase part is essentially about following our almost 2-year old around the yard, the house, the neighborhood – really wherever his little legs want to carry him. The wipe part is about dirty faces and diapers and spills and dirt dirt dirt. And the play part is the entire way he sees the world – everything is about playing, exploring and enjoying.

It is funny how as adults we become so productive, so efficient, so NOT about play. For me it is often about getting to the destination, not about enjoying the journey. But I am starting today, Monday, attempting to enjoy the little things. I want to see this week a little bit more through my little guys eyes. Picking up rocks and rolly-pollies, just because they are simple and curious and interesting and they might even crawl around in the palm of your hand if you wait. I want to notice and soak in the colors and smells of my back yard, to not miss it on my way to work, on my busy path towards getting things done.
How about you? What simple things can you breathe in today?
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