Love people, cook them tasty food

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I recently commissioned a piece of art from a local artist and friend for my kitchen. After a bit of conversation we landed on this phrase for the painting (coined by Penzy,) “Love people, cook them tasty food.”  Now this phrase smiles on me as I cook for the people I love.

It is funny how generally speaking my mothers generation did not necessarily emphasize cooking with their kids. Often they themselves cooked, but it was not per se a value to pass along. Maybe as a cultural pendulum swing, most of my friends grew up in homes where their moms encouraged them to “spread their wings and fly” rather then stay home and cook.
Now today it seems that my generation is increasingly re-claiming the love and joy of cooking food for the people you love. For some people this is a “foodie” thing, for others it is a healthy thing but for many it is just the enjoyment of creating something tasty for the people you love. It is about nourishment and care and love and noticing. So, I’m grateful for the artistic reminder that hangs in my kitchen today to “Love people, Cook them tasty food” and the way it reminds me to slow down, and dice and chop and mix and enjoy life around the table with the people I love.
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