Celebrating Yellow & Grey

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So lately, since I am renovating a house, I am really into the combination of yellow+grey – especially in my kitchen. I like the neutral nature of grey with the bright splash of yellow. I guess it reminds me of life a little. There are many things in all our lives that are just neutral or mundane – I do the laundry, change the diaper, take out the trash, grocery shop and do my work. But right in the midst of that there are these splashes of color if we’ll just open our eyes, notice, pay attention. There is my toddler mimicking his dad with tools under the sink, and the surprise of laughter in the middle of a serious meeting, or the warmth of the sun on a chilly day. These are splashes of yellow on a otherwise neutral normal day. I just want to become more and more aware of them, to open my eyes to them, to not miss them and to receive them when I see them – to drink them in with all my senses down to the bottom of my toes like a beautiful yellow flower blooming in my day.

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