3 Years Ago Today

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3 years ago today, Sipping n’ Painting was born!  We are celebrating our 3rd birthday today. For those of you who don’t know our story, we got our start in the basement of Grant Avenue Community Center. The space was very modest, but the philosophy was the same: to empower art, creativity and fun in people!  And for 3 years now, we have been doing just that. With the help of Groupon, we rapidly got the word out that we were in business and quickly relocated within one month to Mona’s restaurant on 15th & Platte.  Since Mona’s is a breakfast & lunch place only, we rented evening space in their restaurant and we were 100% portable for about a month while we renovated the space that is our home still today.

It is with tons and tons of gratitude that we reflect on these past 3 years. We are especially grateful to the amazing people we meet every day who inspire us and remind us that there is an artist in everyone!  Cheers to creativity and to 3 years of creating together! We look forward to many more years of art+wine with you yet ahead!
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