The perfect grey

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I’m in the midst of renovating an old 1960’s built home in Platt Park. It is a great house with lots of space, established trees and a huge yard for our 17 month year old Russell to run and play in. But, it is in need of a LOT of updating.  So, I’ve been working all day and painting walls all night and I want to recommend my new favorite color to you!

In past renovations we have kind of fallen back on various shades of tan/beige for the walls that we wanted to be more neutral.  But in this house I kind of decided that I’m sick of painting walls tan/beige as my fall back neutral color and instead would choose a shade of grey.  So, after lots of splashes of grey all over my house – I have landed on my top two favorites:
#1. (This one is really the BEST): Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore – the perfect grey, with a warm tone feel and a subtle leaning towards brown rather then blue.
#2. Owl Grey by Benjamin Moore – this is a more true grey and also beautiful but not as warm in tone as the above.
So, once I’m a little further in my project I will post some pics for you – but if you need a neutral color for a wall – check out one of the above – I think you’ll love it.
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