The Face Behind the Phone

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When you make a phone call to our studio, you will meet Rose. Rose answers the phones for Sipping n’ Painting and she is a valuable member of our team!  Rose is a Illinois native and spends half the year in the Milwaukee area and half the year (winter) in Fountain Hills, AZ.  I’ve known Rose and her husband Roger for the entire 37 years of my life, because they are my parents!  Since my mom is retired, we recruited her to work on our team as the one who answers the Sipping n’ Painting phone!  If you’ve spoken with her, then you know what a great team member she is. We regularly have people walk into our studio for class and the first thing they ask is, “Are you Rose?” because of the connection they made with her over the phone.  Rose visits Denver often because we have her grandson here with us!  She has been to Sipping n’ Painting countless times and knows all the ins-and-outs of the experience which makes her a fantastic person to talk with our customers!  We are immensely grateful for her valuable role on our team!




Rose Rand with Sipping n’ Painting owner Susie Grade and grandson Russell


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