Screw Elevator Etiquette

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I was in an elevator the other day and everyone did what we all do in elevators, which is: step in, turn around, be quite, face forward and watch the floor numbers light up.  It made me think about all the things we do in life just because it has always been done that way before. We paint inside the lines because someone said we should, or we mix only certain colors because apparently they “go” together.  One of the things I love about creativity and art is the permission it gives us all to get outside of the ruts that all too often define our lives. Mix pink and orange – why not?  Who says you can’t? Splash some color outside of those lines. You just might like it and you just might find a more remarkable way.  Remarkable means that someone is remarking.  When we all step inside the elevator, face forward, and in silence watch the numbers change – there is nothing remarkable about that. So screw elevator etiquette – do something remarkable instead.

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