Off to Isla, Mexico

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In just 11 days, 8 hours and about 30 minutes we are heading to Isla, Mexico for a week. But whose counting down? After a very full few months we are looking forward to traveling with some great friends, hanging out on the beech and soaking in the ocean air, sand between our toes, margaritas and siesta style pace of life.  I’ve never been one to live for the weekends or vacation because honestly I love life and I love what I get to do. I think vacations are over-rated at times. Because if you find a way to love life and if you craft your life into days where you really love what you get to do, then you are not looking for a constant escape. But…having said that….I still do love vacations!  It is so fun to get away, travel with friends and make some new memories together.  So, I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip. My friend who we’re traveling with said she will be taping this picture to the inside of her sun glasses until she can take them off and see this scene for real.



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