Neat and Tidy -or- Messy but Thriving

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Ok, I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with birds and nests lately…..well….its more then just lately….this has been going on for quite awhile now.  I just think that a nest, and more specifically: a messy nest is a perfect image for a growing business, home, non profit or meaningful endeavor. If it is too neat and tidy, it may just mean there is too little risk, or too much caution, or just not enough skin in the game.  When we put our hearts into what we do, it gets messy and uncomfortable but that is where the growth lies.  That is why I love this painting so much, created by our very awesome instructor Annie.  Nests are places of growth and flight and nurture and life.  I’m hanging this one on my office wall to remind me that messy+nest = a great home for my toddler, a great faith community where I’m investing, and a great growing business that we’re building together.



Paint the Messy Nest with us on Wednesday, February 6th at 6pm.



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