it’s all in the details.

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I love details…I just do.

You know someone has put a lot of thought and effort into their work when they “sweat the small stuff.” I like to think of those efforts as outpourings of love. Have you ever felt cared for climbing into a well-made bed? Or opening a beautifully wrapped gift? Maybe, like me, you have shouted a THANK YOU to the inventor of seat warmers in your car! 🙂

Two weeks ago we threw a staff party at the studio, and had Kate Borgelt (a wonderful photographer and close friend of Tim and Susie’s) capture the fun! We got to see the photos last week, and I was delighted by the way she captured some of the “details” of our studio. We plan to share many of her photos over the next few months, as they are snapshots of all the things that make your Sipping n’ Painting experience memorable!


When you come to one of our classes, you will be given one of these cheery tokens to trade in for a complimentary glass of wine or beer.

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