An Ode to the Highlands

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For the last several years my husband and I have been living in the Highlands, most recently just two blocks from our Sipping n’ Painting studio.  As of just two days ago, we are now residents in Platt Park – another awesome neighborhood in Denver. But this is a post about how fond I am of the Highlands and how much I’m going to miss living there.

I will miss the Platte River walk. I will miss the amazing views of the Denver skyline from our front window and roof top deck. I’ll miss the incredible restaurants and unique business ventures like Little Man Ice Cream, Lola’s, Forest Room 5, and Living the Sweet Life.  I will miss the eclectic, gritty, artistic and flavorful people who make up the neighborhood and the incredible guts and courage they have to put themselves out there in the world in artistic and daring ways.  I will miss all of this and more.
I am glad that Sipping n’ Painting keeps us connected to this incredible little corner of the world that we have loved calling home.  While I’m excited to embrace Platt Park and Old South Pearl and all the wonderful things happening there, I will always love the Highlands and the place its been in my life!  To Highlands, and all those who live, love, shop and create there – let me say:  thank you for being the great place on earth that you are, we are blessed to have you as a truly great neighborhood!


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