A Fan Letter to Kate Borgelt Photography

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There are family photographers and then there is Kate Borgelt Photography.  Kate is a true artist and I absolutely love her work. For the last two years Kate has done our family photos. The first session was just after our son Russell was born and then the second session with Kate was this past August when he turned 1 years old.  Not only is she a ton of fun to work with (do not think Olin Mills awkward here, but rather think of a highly warm and energetic artist capturing the spirit of families, love & life) and you really leave a photo shoot with Kate just wanting to go grab a beer with her because she is so fun and funny.  So, I am a fan – a huge fan – and if you need a family photographer, Kate is worth every penny and more. PS: you will see me, Tim and Russell scrolling on the home page of Kate’s website – check it out!

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